Math has always been a subject full of wonders. We often come across so many new mathematical facts, techniques and methods, that leave us amused. Wonders of Math date way back from the construction of Pyramids to the construction of the suspension bridges today. It has always remained a surprise that how did ancient civilizations used advanced mathematics before it was even formally written about. The Mayan Calendar which predicts the end of the world in 2012, calculated it mathematically. How? The puzzles like sudoku,etc and even some card games can be better understood from a mathematical perspective. Besides, there are many mathematical concepts which are extremely interesting like continued fractions, Pascal's triangle, Chinese remainder theorem and many more, which can prove very helpful while solving our daily math problems.

This Wiki is created for those people who would like to learn or share their experiences with this wonderful subject- Mathematics. The members are welcome to share facts about the history of Math, thoughts about math related games, ideas about a new mathematical concept or any other piece of information which interests them about Math. We also hope that this would benefit our readers as well.